Welcome…   We are Kristen, Todd and Brady

We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us.  We can only imagine the multitude of emotions you’re feeling...  We promise to be caring of your thoughts and opinions throughout this process. Please ask us anything that you want.

How do we begin sharing ourselves with you?  Well, here we are….


About Us

We have been married for six years but were actually friends when we 15 years old. We met again on Thanksgiving Day in 2003 and though we were both super busy, we really wanted to discover our friendship again.  That ended up blooming into hands down, sparks flying, true love.  Our courtship was girl comes back from California, meets grown up successful man and it somehow worked out very well.  We were married in New York City on November 20th 2004 and we both agreed often, that is what the best idea we have ever had.  The one thing about Todd and I is we are very good friends.  We also both come from the town where we made our home. We live in an old home (circa 1894) in Small town on Long Island NY.   We enjoy a life of lots of friends both new and old.  We have a three year old son named Brady, a cocker spaniel poodle named Finney and we have been giggling and laughing ever since.

As soon as we were married, we knew that we wanted to raise children together, but just weren’t sure when or how that would happen.  Todd is an asset manager with a big firm in New York City and Kristen is a stay at home mother.  Kristen's mother lives close by, so Brady has the benefit of living close by Grandma!  We work hard and enjoy a life full of friends, animals, and fun living.  Outdoor pursuits including boating, snow skiing, gardening, barbecuing, and spending time with one another is very important to us.


Time Together

We love the ocean… you can find us in, around or on the water all summer long.  We have a boat and sleep (kind of camp) over at the beach every chance we get.   For the past two summers we have taken some great trips.   Todd’s dad lives on Shelter Island which has been a great place for us to start our trips to Montauk, Block Island and Newport.  When we are not on the water we love to work in the garden and putter around the old house fixing stuff up.  For the second year in a row we grew some outstanding sweet potatoes.  In the winter we love to ski or just stay at home cooking a big dinner for family and friends.

Meet Brady

In April of 2007, we learned that we were pregnant and we were so thankful.  Brady came into the world and our lives in January 2008 and nothing has been the same since.  He has turned into a handsome, clever young boy!  We wanted Brady to grow up independent and fearless, and he has done just that.  He loves being outdoors, designing elaborate tracks for his trains, playing his piano and drums, and playing catch with our very fun dog, Finney.  Brady loves people and going places.  He loves watching movies, or going out on our boat, Lady "K".  He adores Mommy and always turns to her for comfort.  Daddy is without question, his best friend.  We decided one day that Brady is such a good and caring guy that a sibling would be great for him. He loves to play with the other children at school and in our neighborhood. We are very ready and eager to complete our family and Brady is sure that he will be the best big brother ever.